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Maintain Your School’s Clarity of Vision

Magda Elkadi Saleh

CISE Consultant Head of School – Bayaan Academy

When I was 11-years-old, street signs did not look as clear to me as they had before, and I wasn’t able to see as well from a distance. My journey of annual vision screenings began. We traveled often as a family, traversing the United States from south to north, and from east to west. Clarity of vision was very important so that we could read highway signs and markings early enough to not miss our desired exits. GPS did not yet exist to give us warning messages to let us know we had missed our exit or to let us know how to re-route our trips. We depended on paper maps, highway signs, and clarity of vision.

In our role as educators and school leaders, clarity of vision is also very important if we are to fulfill our schools’ missions and reach our stated goals. As with a road-trip, using a Rand McNally or AAA map, we must first have a clear idea of where we are going – What is our final destination? – and then determine the steps we must take to reach that final destination.

In our schools, the road maps are our strategic plans: They give us direction with specific markers to help us reach our goals and fulfill our missions. The vision screenings are our regular and consistent evaluation of the strategic plans to make sure that we are reaching milestones, re-routing when necessary, and on-target to reach our destination. Just as annual vision screenings are essential for anyone wearing glasses to ensure continued clarity of vision, these annual evaluations of our strategic plans are essential for us to maintain clarity of vision in our schools.

CISE consultants can help you put together effective and realistic strategic plans; they can also help you through the regular and consistent evaluation of these plans to help you continue on your road of continuous self-improvement.

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