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Nurturing a Positive School Climate

"We are in the people development business."-Susan Labadi~CISE Trainer

Nurturing a Positive School Climate

Take care of your teachers or they will go someplace else. This is the message for all schools, and the same can be said for Islamic school principals. It is no small feat because challenges in Islamic schools come in multiples, but it is in the little things that seeds of creativity and solutions to those problems can be found.

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently released sobering statistics. Of the over 10 million public school teachers, about one million have left the profession to seek other employment in the first 10 months of this past year. Never has the trend been so steep for leaving, so we are likely seeing the same pattern affecting our Islamic schools. Then who will teach our children, and what caliber of teachers might they have?

You have the power to change the morale and culture of your school, but it takes a plan. Whether you’re a board member, administrator, teacher, parent or student (and we’re all students, aren’t we?), you are able to initiate a dynamic in your school that can make everyone’s life a bit brighter.

Take some time to ponder what you can do or consider bringing one of our CISE trainers to your school to set a course for whole-school improvement in school climate and positivity.

We are scheduling workshops for 2019 now and can customize among our offerings for your school’s needs.

Let’s make this the year for your school to be a happy, nurturing, and pleasant place to grow.

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